Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wisdom and Whiskey

We know we said this blog is about bourbon, but the time has come for us to compare our taste for bourbon against the likes of whiskey - Irish, Canadian and Scotch.  This weekend we are spending some time away from the bustles of daily life in Wisdom, Montana.  Supposedly, Wisdom has two seasons - winter and mosquitos.  We showed up for winter, waking to the season's first snow.  It was a perfect day for bourbon tasting. 

Today's selection includes: 
Jim Beam
Distilled and bottled at the James B. Beam Distilling Co., Frankfort, Kentucky, 80 Proof
Distilled, matured and bottled by the The 'Old Bushmills' Distillery Co. Ltd., County Antrim, Ireland, 80 proof 
Wiser's De Luxe
Blended Canadian Whisky, 80 proof 
The Glenlivet
Single malt, aged 18 years, distilled, matured and bottled in Banffshire, Scotland, 86 proof

Jim Bean was the clear winner of this tasting, living up to its reputation as the world's #1 bourbon.  Bushmills, from the world's oldest distillery (1608), was sweet and smooth.  Wiser's De Luxe lacked in taste and The Glenlivet was a surprising disappointment.

After many other bourbon tastings, we knew it was time to venture into the realm of other whiskeys.  We felt this was an equal opportunity tasting and still the bourbon came out on top.  Our husbands, also participated in this tasting, agreed that Jim Beam was the standout whiskey. 

Watch for coming postings about our other tastings - our bourbon tally is at 25, so more to come!

Emily and Maggie

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