Saturday, May 18, 2013

World Whiskey Day

Today, May 18, 2013 is World Whiskey Day!

Whiskey is quite the international liquor - the Scots, Irish, Canadians, and Tennesseeians all have their claim to this tasty drink. I continue to choose Kentucky Bourbon, simply because there are so many I still have not sampled. But, with the number of micro-distilleries popping up around the country, I appreciate the range of whiskeys on the market.

Last year was the inaugural World Whiskey Day and was created by Blair Bowman, a Scottish university student/entrepreneur, to toast Scotland's national drink. Bowman encourages all whiskey lovers to drink any kind of whiskey and log on this link,, to connect with the global whiskey community. What a fantastic idea! There are events on almost every continent - c'mon Antarctica, who doesn't need a little whiskey to warm the soul.

These days, I am drinking Bulleit Bourbon (90 proof) - which is a little spicier because it has a higher rye content, and Willett Bourbon (94 proof). Willett  is a tasty bourbon that is not distributed in Montana, but with the right connections (fellow Montuckians who trace their lineage through the Willett Family tree) and a drunken barter, the bottle that resembles a copper pot still made it into our liquor cabinet.

Cheers to World Whiskey Day, really just another day to celebrate drinking bourbon whiskey...


As always, please drink responsibly. 

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