Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sipper or Mixer?

This is one of the questions we ask when we sample different bourbons.

There are definite sippers, the bourbons you drink straight or on the rocks.  Then, there are the bourbons that are better mixed.  Limonata and ginger beer are our mixers of choice.  Coca-Cola, lemonade, ginger ale and branch (water) are other good options.  And then there are some bourbons that should never be mixed. 

Recently, we tasted a couple from the Evan Williams collection, produced by the Heaven Hill Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky - the Black Label (86 proof) and the Single Barrel Vintage (86.6 proof).  Evan Williams is America's second-largest selling bourbon whiskey and honors Kentucky's first distiller.  These two bourbons fall into these categories perfectly.  

The Black Label is a well-known straight bourbon and is a nice bottle to have in the liquor cabinet.  It's slightly astringent aroma and "hoo-hah" kick make it one for the cocktails. MIXER.
The Single Barrel Vintage is a 10 year, bottled with a nice aroma of oranges and vanilla and coats your mouth with caramel goodness.  This bourbon was just plain good.  SIPPER.

While most sippers are a bit more expensive than your average mixing bourbon, we encourage you to treat yourself to a bottle of the good stuff so you can taste the difference for yourself.  And remember, it's a sipper, so it will last a lot longer! 

Emily and Maggie

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