Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Cheer

This holiday season, I want to share one of my favorite bourbon cocktails - bourbon and eggnog.  Eggnog can be served with rum, brandy or whiskey, but obviously, bourbon is my liquor of choice.

This season, Maker's Mark is my preference.  I had the chance to visit the Maker's Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky last week and thoroughly enjoyed their festiveness through the lights, tour of the historic grounds and tasting of their signature bourbon.

Maker's Mark is perhaps the oldest known distillery operated by the longest running distilling family, the Samuels Family.  Generations of Samuels men have distilled what has become one of the most popular bourbons.  Robert Samuels began distilling in 1783, T.W. Samuels built the first commercial distillery at Samuels Depot in 1840, and then Bill Samuels Sr. took over in 1953 making the biggest move in the Samuels family distilly history.  Bill Sr. believed that the family produced rot-gut whiskey, so he burned the recipe and started from scratch.  Bill Jr. continued the family tradition and now his son, Rob has taken the reigns at Maker's Mark.  To commemorate this transition, they created the Samuels Family Legacy Bottle (which I had the opportunity to purchase and dip in the famous red sealant wax).  The Samuels women have also played a significant role in Maker's Mark history.  Marge, Bill Sr.'s wife, gave Maker's Mark its name as she always sought out the "mark of the maker".  She designed the bottle, hand-torn label that dons her handwriting and insisted that every bottle be sealed in wax.  Hence, creating the Maker's Mark distinctive bottling method with the irregular drying patterns of the hand-dipped red wax.  

Pour yourself a glass of holiday cheer - bourbon and eggnog - and enjoy!
Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and Bright 2012!


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