Monday, January 23, 2012

Bourbon Toddy

It's snowing everywhere in Montana, except in Bozeman.  It's raining here.  So we're drinking bourbon. 

Maggie and I decided to comfort ourselves with Bourbon Toddies.  There's nothing like a toddy to lift your spirits and soothe your soul.  Toddies are great when you are not feeling so well, fighting a cold or a sore throat.  They are also just plain good and tasty.  The bourbon gives the toddy a hint of vanilla sweetness that adds great flavor.

Bourbon Toddy Ingredients
2 ounces bourbon whiskey
1 ounce water
splash of bitters
honey to taste
cinnamon stick
lemon wedge

We used Rebel Yell Straight Bourbon Whiskey (80 proof), one of our favorite mixers, for this cocktail.  Rebel Yell, out of Louisville, Kentucky is one of the few wheated bourbons on the market.  This means that wheat is used instead of rye in the mash.  We have come to really appreciate the wheated bourbons - Weller is another favorite.

Maybe it will start snowing soon.  Until then, have a bourbon toddy!

Emily and Maggie

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