Sunday, March 3, 2013

Maker's Almost Missed the Mark

The bourbon world experienced a near miss during the month of February.   

Maker's Mark (90 proof), one of my favorite bourbons, announced they would be cutting the amount of alcohol in each bottle to stretch every drop of brown water they produce.  I understand that demand is up, Maker's Mark claims it has doubled in the past seven years, but diluting and changing their age-old recipe?!?

Well, it turns out the American people have spoken and the Samuels Family has listened.  Maker's Mark Bourbon will remain 90 proof  or 45 percent alcohol and not be cut to 84 proof or 42 percent alcohol.  Check out Bill Samuels Jr. and his son Rob's official statement (or apology),!/live-feed/news/34-you-spoke-we-listened

Let's hope that's the last we hear of watering down bourbon whiskey!

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