Saturday, October 27, 2012

Montana Whiskey

Well, while there has certainly been a shortage of blog posts from us, there has NOT been a shortage of bourbon...Maggie and I have lots to share - including the birth of her son, Jack, our adventures along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Woodford Reserve's Double-Oaked and our thoughts about bourbon's quintessential cocktail, the Mint Julep.  Until then, I want to talk about MONTANA WHISKEY.

RoughStock.  Whiskey distilled in Bozeman, Montana - just one more thing I love about this town!  RoughStock Whiskey is a small-batch, western style whiskey.  Recently named as Forbes' "Top 10 American Distilleries to Tour Now" and with my parents in town, it only seemed appropriate that we sample the local brown liquor.  Whiskey has not been distilled in Montana for more than 100 years, or at least legally, and there's a buzz about RoughStock around town.

Currently, RoughStock has five whiskeys in production and we were able to sample four - Pure Malt (90 proof), Straight Rye (90 proof), Spring Wheat (90 proof ) and Sweet Corn (100 proof).  The Black Label, RoughStock's single barrel and barrel proof was unavailable in the tasting room the day of our visit - I am very interested in this spirit and believe I will have to purchase a bottle.  One of the things I like about RoughStock is their use of Montana-sourced grains - wheat, rye, barley and corn.  It's also hard to resist the local water from mountain-fed streams - after all, this is Montana!  After sampling the four whiskeys, the Straight Rye (90 proof) came out on top for me.  This whiskey is exactly what it's named, made with straight rye, 100 percent rye mash and is spicy!  Maybe I'll use it to mix my next Manhattan or Old-Fashioned...


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