Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boulder's West End

A year ago, my husband, Brian, and I took a trip to Colorado.  We ended up at Boulder's West End Tavern and found ourselves awed by their bourbon selection.  They serve FIFTY of Kentucty's finest bourbons, we were in the right place.

The West End Tavern's house bourbon is Buffalo Trace (90 proof), whose distillery, located in Frankfort, we had toured just weeks before while we were in Kentucky.  It was the Buffalo Trace tasting room where we were introduced to their White Dog (125 proof).  White dog, white lightning, or moonshine are all names used by distillers for unaged whiskey.  It is the first mash after it comes out of the still - no charred oak barrels, no beautiful caramel color, no aging.  Brian has a keen taste for the white whiskey, it's a bit strong for my taste, but since the West End was pouring, we were drinking. 

A couple weeks ago, I found myself at the West End Tavern again.  I was with my friend, Tamela, and had a hankering for bourbon.  (Tequila is Tamela's liquor of choice, so the tequila bistro, Tahona, is her preference).  I convinced her that we should hit the West End for a tasty bourbon beverage.  Well, we were in for a treat - they have a specific bourbon cocktail menu and flights of bourbon!  With drink names such as "Not Your Grandma's Bourbon & Ginger" the "Derby Julep" and an "Old Buffalo", we couldn't go wrong.  I enjoyed an Old Buffalo, which is "a timeless old fashioned with the west end’s single barrel buffalo trace, a muddled orange and housemade bourbon-soaked cherry, orange bitters, simple syrup and a splash of soda water".  YUMMY!

Thank you, West End Tavern, for creating a bourbon list that is the largest in Colorado.  I will continue to be a patron of your fine establishment every time I visit Boulder.  Until next time, I will be trying to re-create your delicious bourbon concoctions at home.


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